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One of the things I’d like to have ready in time with KDE SC 4.5 are Marble packages for Maemo. Ideally they should be installable directly from the Maemo Extras repository. As there may be some packaging and deployment hurdles, it’s better to start early.

We spent some time on polishing our maemo packages in the last weeks. Marble on maemo surely has not yet reached the state where your grandmother would be happy to use it. Her grandchild however must not be a marble developer anymore to get it running. In other words, it’s time to distribute it to a wider audience.

Marble on Maemo comes in two flavors: A light variant that only contains OpenStreetMap, and a full version with different earth and moon map themes. The light variant with its nearly 6 MB is not as light as it could be; we’ll squeeze it further in future versions.

If you have a spare Nokia N900 lying around which you want to dedicate to test experimental packages, please have a look at our garage project. Packages ready for the N900 can be downloaded there. See the Release Notes on installation instructions.

Disclaimer: The packages are built from a very recent subversion checkout. They were only tested on a handful of devices yet. All sorts of breakage is to be expected. Use at your own risk.

Kudos to the brave testing the packages: I’d like to hear back from you. Just show up in our IRC channel (#marble on freenode) or drop a mail to marble-devel.

Someone requested a video of marble running on the N900. I tried to do a screencast using the load applet, but the result is not too good because of this bug. If you watch it, ignore the last four minutes, they show the same picture over and over…

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  1. installed the debs on n900 from the garage page, getting an error while loading shared libraries. cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

    Is there a deb for libmarblewidget?

  2. Yes, please use the wrapper script. It also sets up the environment to store downloaded tiles and other cached data to /home/user/MyDocs/marble (/home/user/MyDocs has most space). You can start marble from the application menu btw, the packages create an entry for it.

  3. A few comments..

    User interface: The Home button should be apart from the zoom buttons. It is easy to hit it by accident while zooming.

    Performance: It is awfully slow, to slow to be usable.

  4. We’ll probably increase the size of the icons to avoid hitting the wrong one. Choosing different locations is another option, true.

    Which map are you using? The maps that render placemarks themselves are indeed slow at the moment. For OpenStreetMap, this is not needed and performance wise it’s already faster than Maemo Mapper. IIRC Torsten Rahn has a patch in the queue that further improves performance. We will get some additional improvements by optimizing the position tracking layer.

  5. @Dennis Nienhüser: I’ve used OpenStreetMaps. Mapper isn’t exactly snappy, but much faster (at least subjective)

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