Fixing copy/paste in Eclipse

Eclipse has grown up for C++ development and is what I’m using most of the time, even for KDE. One thing that was driving me crazy in the last days however was copying things to the clipboard: Often it didn’t work on the first key press, but a second one was needed. Countless times later I was annoyed enough to ask Google for it and found this workaround. Now someone please enlighten me who to blame, Eclipse or Klipper. I guess this won’t be a problem with the upcoming KDevelop 4.0, looking forward to it 🙂

People running KDE SVN with plasma/playground can enjoy an early version of the contacts plasmoid, I checked in the code earlier.

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  1. Hey Dennis,

    I am a newcomer to C/C++/Qt/KDE programming.

    After having passed through hell fixing dependencies and setting the environment I am fed up with kdevelop 3 (which also broke down after latest kde 4 update) .. and since I am not the type of guy who will use a text editor for programming at least until now
    (having been a spoilt amateur VB.NET coder) on Visual Studio on windows, I used to get code completion, tooltip instructions .. tooltip definitions .. debugging built-in with visual step-in .. complete documentation
    etc etc.
    (I told you I was spoilt)

    I have worked with eclipse in php cms programming last summer which allowed me to explore the eclipse IDE (whose features still was not easy to setup as VS .. but still did an excellent job in php .. although needed tons of tweaking)

    Today I upgraded to Ganymede, and with it the Qt-Eclipse integration worked.

    However, I am still confused by the huge amount of customization that is needed.. and my progress is “relatively” slow.

    if you don’t mind, can I contact you to get some advice on how to set a proper KDE development environment inside eclipse. I am sure you can share you secrets 😀 It will be a kind gesture of you towards a noob like myself.

    [I believe you have my email published at your blog .. else guide me to your email address please :)]

    And once I learn every tiny bit .. maybe I can write a techbase tutorial on that. I still have not done any KDE contributions except for bug reports.

    Any experience with KDE development on names like Netbeans or Code::block which I heard about only recently?

  2. So, is the bug fixed? 🙂 I use Eclipse all the time, for web development (since quanta isn’t really usable yet 😉 ) and even filed a bug report for this in, but nothing happened … :/

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