Marble 1.0 Beta 1 Packages for Maemo

One of the things we decided at the Marble sprint was to release the next version of Marble as version 1.0. This underlines that we consider the Marble application to be mature and reliable. Now we’re not at that point yet; you can help out by testing our beta packages however! Get a hold on Marble 1.0 Beta 1 (KDE flavor) from your distributions packages for KDE 4.6 Beta 1. Owners of a Nokia N900 are just two clicks away from Marble 1.0 Beta 1 (Maemo flavor): This is the first click.

What’s new in Marble 1.0 (Maemo), compared to Marble 0.10 (Maemo)? Quite a lot actually:

  • Improved user interface. The tab widget on the left is gone for good. You’ll find new and improved dialogs.
  • Offline routing. Marble supports three different offline routing backends. Packages for Monav are shipped alongside the Marble packages. Offline routing maps for all countries worldwide can easily be downloaded from within Marble.
  • Configurable route profiles. Select which backends are used for routing and configure them.
  • Alternative routes. If different routes are found, you can switch between them with one click.
  • Guidance mode. Turn your N900 into a personal navigation device and have Marble guide you to your destination. The map follows your current location, driving instructions are announced at turn points.

There are more changes and new features; some visible, some under the hood. As usual, we’ll provide a visual changelog for the final release. We’re looking for feedback on the beta packages. Keep in mind, however, that these are packages of beta quality. They may be unstable and may harm your system. Don’t use them for real-world navigation tasks.

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  1. It’s not that we didn’t try. There are two problems: First, all builds so far have failed on the build server (see your link). I need a Debian guy to look into the packaging error, or more information on what’s different on the build server (the packages build fine in scratchbox). Second, assuming that would be solved, we have a nasty error (jpg plugin of Qt segfaulting on armel in scratchbox, rendering the arch independent packages build on armel corrupt) that prevent the armel packages being directly usable. The current workaround is to build x86 packages afterwards, replacing the corrupt, arch-independent armel packages built in the run before. That’s probably not possible in an automated build.

  2. Just an idea in response to the picture which states “Keep slightly right on ROADNAME. Follow the road for 20m.” If the instructions are live (not just a summary of steps viewed on a computer, but something using a GPS chip), I think 20m comes up very quickly.

    I would change the instructions to incorporate the next step. So maybe something like “Keep slightly right on ROADNAME, and then turn right (DIRECTION) in X metres.” Again, this might not apply for stationary usage.

  3. The turn type icon right to the text is there for this situation. I think having an icon for it is better, otherwise the text gets quite long.

  4. Thank you so much! It’s really a great application. I’m going to install it on my N900 and report back as soon as possible. What I’d like to know is if it’s possible (via a plugin or something) to use OVI maps instead of openstreetmaps or whatever. OVI maps has a much better cover for my needs (Greece) and I would much prefer it over anything else (besides they’re supposed to be coming for free as a nokia phone owner).

    Thank you again for your awesome work!

  5. Icon on the right is wrong. There should be no elements which could confuse driver.

    About text: 20m is very short distance. Marble should rather prepare driver about next maneuver, like: Keep slightly right on ROADNAME, then keep left. (or even …turn left).

  6. The second click for n900 installation wiped all my repository information and didn’t install the application.

  7. @schnebeck: I tried espeak once, but it sounded horrible. Are there voices / settings that make it sound acceptable? My plan is to add audible notifications for Marble 1.2 / KDE 4.7. If I don’t find a tts system that sounds ok, I’d rather go for sound notifications or recorded voices, though.

    @kmare: Technically it’s easy to use OVI maps in Marble. Their terms of use do not allow it, though. They’re not really free, even if they like to advertise it as such.

    @mikmach: Wrong? Nope. Special-casing the instructions with very short distance like here may be an option. They’re rare, however.

  8. @Jonas: It’s a simple text file that triggers the installation. It must be a bug in the Maemo package manager if other catalogues are affected — did you edit /etc/apt/sources.list by hand?

    @Andre: The third one is used to toggle guidance mode, it never changes. I plan to replace it with a different icon, but I’m looking for someone to design a better one.

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