More Code-in goodies

More nice results are coming out of Google’s Code-in. Thanks to Utku Aydin’s excellent work, Marble now has an Earthquake online service that shows the 20 earthquakes with highest magnitude in the last month. The data is downloaded from

You can get the code from reviewboard. It will be part of Marble 1.2 (KDE 4.7).

An interesting task for the future will be to integrate this with the time support Marble gained recently. That would allow you to travel back in time and see historical earthquakes.

8 Replies to “More Code-in goodies”

  1. very sexy and nice.

    is it possible to use another color for the magnitude. on the picture it is difficult to read.


  2. This is very cool. Have you contacted any seismologists to check whether you could add aditional information? Having information for recent earthquaques makes me think that it could be usefull to scientists to have the raw data only one click away in marble. Same would go for observatories.

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