A Sneak Preview at Marble 1.1 on the N900

As you may know, we plan to do an intermediate Marble 1.1 release:

January 2011 Marble 1.0 libmarble 0.11 KDE 4.6
April 2011 Marble 1.1 libmarble 0.11
July 2011 Marble 1.2 libmarble 0.12 KDE 4.7

The initial release schedule got revised a bit, now listing

  • March 31st: Marble 1.1 Beta 1
  • April 7th: Marble 1.1 RC 1
  • April 15th: Marble 1.1.0

This release is not aligned with the other KDE applications and will therefore not be (fully) translated. On the plus side, the library is ABI compatible with the one used in Marble 1.0. Marble 1.1 brings many new features for the Desktop — see Torsten’s blog for an overview. This blog post is concerned with new features in the Maemo version that runs on the Nokia N900.

We replaced a couple of dialogs with stackable windows, which leave more space and feel more intuitive. As a nice side effect, the turn instructions now open in their own stackable window, fixing the annoying scrolling problem in the routing dialog.

A couple of people complained that the overview map in the top left corner had little use. You can now hide it (without editing the configuration file). The same goes for all the other info boxes.

If you upgrade from Marble 1.0 and used the “Download Region” feature a lot, the installation might take a bit longer than usual: We’re now sharing OpenStreetMap data with other applications like mappero and the data you downloaded within Marble is moved to the shared location during the installation. Sharing data means that you can download map data with mappero and view it in Marble (or vice versa). In the end it helps to save some disk space and reduces network traffic. On my N900, the migration moved 3.6 GB of OSM tiles from Marble to the shared directory which had a size of 2.5 GB. Since most of the tiles in the shared directory were duplicates, the shared directory only grew to 3.8 GB. That’s pretty neat, saving more than 2 GB for me.

One of the much requested features is voice navigation. We’ll ship a preliminary version with Marble 1.1. You can choose between sound output (turn points are announced with a sound) and speakers. We don’t ship any speaker with our packages, but you can use TomTom voices: Download one of the free ones (some websites offer them for personal use), convert it with our web frontend and copy it to your N900. A Userbase article has all the details you need. Enjoy 🙂

For future versions we plan to include distance estimations in the output. Additionally we’d like to ship a custom Marble speaker, granted we can fund some money for a professional speaker.


6 Replies to “A Sneak Preview at Marble 1.1 on the N900”

  1. Map sharing is awesome feature from my pov, because I use agtl for geocaching so I have a lot of duplicate map tiles. Is 1.1 beta for maemo available for download somewhere?

  2. Is the voice conversion on-line tool working? I get 404 – page not found when I try to download a converted file…

  3. …and I do not have a Routing Configuration Dialogue window for voice configuration – does it appear only when there is a voice file installed?

  4. Sorry about the false alarm about Routing Configuration Dialogue. Probably the long press was not too long 🙂 But the converted voice download problem remains.

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