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The release of Marble 1.1 in beetween two KDE releases shortened the development cycle for Marble 1.2. Still we have some nice new features to debut in 1.2. Among them is support for offline search that extends the existing city search by addresses (streets and house numbers) and points of interest (supermarkets, tourist attractions, restaurants, hotels, train stations and much more). This feature is a natural extension of our offline routing, enabling you to use addresses and points of interest as routing targets. Currently you either need an Internet connection for that or you have to select routing targets directly in the map in offline mode.

The data needed to search for addresses worldwide is huge, no doubt. Given that we like to ship small Marble packages the data for offline search will not ship with the Marble packages, but can be downloaded from within Marble after installation. For your convenience it is packaged with the Monav offline routing maps, so installing a country-level offline routing map (or upgrading it) will include the data for offline address search in that country. I’m currently updating the OpenStreetMap data on my system to generate new Monav maps as well as offline address databases for all countries worldwide. Offline map updates will be available in the next weeks.

I made a small screencast that shows the feature in action on Marble’s desktop version. Of course it also works on the mobile version on the N900, where the feature is primarily needed. Some minor glitches are left (e.g. some results appearing twice, missing repaints), but there’s plenty of time to fix that until the release in July. When watching the screencast you can see another new feature added by Bernhard Beschow recently: Zoom steps now coincide with OpenStreetMap tile levels, resulting in a sharper appearance of texture maps. Most of that is hidden by compression and scaling of the video though, it’s best to see it live. Or maybe Bernhard blogs about it himself, I remember him saying something like that… 🙂 Player |  OGG Video |  H.264 Video

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  1. I guess that when it says «Zoom steps no coincide with OpenStreetMap tile levels», it should say «Zoom steps *now* coincide with OpenStreetMap tile levels».

  2. Wow, great – it works really fast!
    The POI Search is hidden though, how should the user that that he can search for POIs, and which ones?

  3. The N900 version links to that explains this. I’m aware that most people will be too lazy to read it, so I plan to add a POI category browser for Marble 1.3. Possibly showing all known categories in a list view / grid view and listing the nearby ones when clicking on them, maybe with search support. Didn’t find the time to work on that before hard freeze.

  4. That all looks really cool.

    I know this is off-topic, but what MapView are you using which provides those 3D looking shaded maps. They look beautiful.

  5. That’s the default OpenStreetMap view (mapnik, in Marble just ‘OpenStreetMap’) with the hill shading layer activated (credits to Colin Marquardt). You can activate that layer in the Legend tab in Marble. Note that older versions of Marble do not have that layer.

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