GCI Goodies: Public Transport Map Theme

Google Code-In is running and we’re busy mentoring lots of Marble tasks. This year we added many data related tasks: Voice navigation speakers for different languages, OpenStreetMap derived map themes, historic map themes and more. Just like last year the results are pretty awesome and a few of the results are already available for public consumption. Earlier today I uploaded the shiny new Public Transport map theme to our GHNS server. The theme was done by Paul Kocialkowski. It uses the public transport (ÖPNV) map http://openbusmap.org/ created and maintained by Melchior Moos, who kindly allows us the usage within Marble. The map data itself is CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Do you miss your local bus? Please add it to OpenStreetMap. Contributing is easy, see Öpnvkarte for details.

If you’re using KDE 4.5.1 or later with Marble installed, you can install the public transport map theme easily using the “Download Maps” menu entry in Marble. Older KDE versions before 4.5.1 are not supported right now, though if there is a significant number of people who are stuck with older versions for some reasons I can do a version compatible with older versions as well. Please comment in that case.

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  1. Interesting. I can never find myself using OpenStreetMap, though. The level of display is way too much for simply browsing a location. Its just so convoluted and not cleanly presented. Taking a look at this and comparing to Google Map; I’d choose Google’s display always.

  2. This looks awesome, for its wide variety of maps (historical, meteorological, natural, in addition to the normal transit, and street maps) Marble is by _far_ my favourite mapping program.

    Very interested in trying this new theme.

  3. Actually, in various places of the world, each bus/tram line has an “official” color. Shouldn’t this be used if the info is available?

  4. That looks pretty interesting. Will it be possible to hide certain lines or types of public transports? I looked at the map and it looks pretty crowded. If would give someone a map e.g. for finding to my place, I would prefer to show only the relevant lines.
    Are there any plans to combine this with the public transport plasma applet? Looks like both are made for each other.

  5. Agreed with Kevin. Street maps in Marble look “dirty”, diffused, lines are sawtoothed and fonts look blurred when compared to Google Maps. Quite a pity, but I’m not using Marble and of course not even trying to convince anyone to use it untill it stops to look like a madiocre student project (I know it isn’t, but it looks like if it were)

    Regards, and keep up improving, especially its visual clarity.

  6. All current map themes Marble offers are based on pre-rendered images offered by different webservices. We have no influence on their layout unfortunately (except than contributing upstream). That’s one of the reason we’re working on street level vector maps based on OSM data. In a nutshell that’d allow us to theme maps (only show relevant things based on the context, e.g. navigation) and would also ensure a display that is always sharp.

    For suggestions addressing the rendering of the public transport map, please use http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:%C3%96pnvkarte

    @Marcial: Please set the projection to Mercator to get sharp tiles. Don’t use the wheel mouse button for zooming in that case, but the buttons (in the navigation tab, or keyboard +/-). The wheel zoom allows intermediate levels, the other buttons select “sharp” levels.

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