GCI Goodies: Favorite weather stations

Earlier I already wrote about some of the nice tasks accomplished by the GCI students for Marble. We’re near the end of Code-In now and thanks to never sleeping Torsten and the busy GCI students an incredible amount of more than 70 (yes, seventy) Marble tasks have been done. Among them are a couple of enhancements to Marble’s weather plugin, all done by Valery Kharitonov: Weather stations from geonames.org are now displayed among the existing services, weather station data is refreshed automatically after a configurable interval and last but not least you can mark weather stations as favorite and only display those as illustrated in the screenshot below. So go grab Marble from master and have your holiday weather always at sight 😉

This year the GCI rules were changed a bit and filing new tasks was only possible at selected times. This cut off the following tasks that I’d like to see as further extensions of Marble’s weather plugin:

  • Favorite weather stations should show more information than non-favorite ones: Forecast data with icons and a larger icon for the current state
  • The data retrieval logic needs some enhancements for the new favorite mode
  • The plugin should be touch-friendly such that toggling stations as favorite and switching between selection and favorite mode is also possible in Marble Touch.

Of course working on that is not bound to GCI. Anyone with some programming background can work on it and I’d welcome any patches in that direction. Drop by in #marble on freenode or send a mail to marble-devel@kde.org if you’re interested…


2 Replies to “GCI Goodies: Favorite weather stations”

  1. Super cool with all those contributions, congrats marble 😉

    Your screenshot reveals another little task: The statusbar says that the position is “not available”, but yet knows the altitude :$

  2. Anders: The altitude is the altitude of the observer, so showing this information is perfecly fine.

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