Marble Touch – Approaching the First Release

Over the weekend I’ve been working on the last features and polishing for the first release of Marble Touch (Marble on the Nokia N9/N950) at the end of the month. Things are coming together nicely; the first release will even have a navigation activity and newstuff integration although I originally planned to leave them out for the 1.3.0 release. The latest additions are pretty neat as they help you customize Marble Touch to your needs easily without having to copy things manually via USB. Just open the Preferences page from the main view as shown in this screenshot:

The installation of additional voice navigation speakers is quite convenient: The list of speakers you can select among presents the locally installed ones and those available via newstuff in one common list. If you select a speaker that is not yet available locally, it will be installed automatically for you.

The same feature will be available in Desktop Marble 1.4. Another nice newstuff feature is the installation of additional map themes you might already know from Marble’s KDE Desktop version. In a similar fashion you can use it in Marble Touch:

The last piece missing in the puzzle is the installation of offline data (offline routing and offline search) via newstuff. I hope to get that implemented in the next days. Additionally I plan to do a bit more polishing of the Navigation activity, which currently looks like this:

It’s pretty much set now and just some remaining quirks need fixes: The blue and gray background colors from the oxygen palette don’t fit too well with the Harmattan theme, the offline mode icon in the toolbar is not exactly a toolbar icon, the measure tool borders have pixel errors and the distance indicator font is a bit unreadable against the map background. At least most of that is easy to fix.

If you know Marble on the N900 you’ll notice some gradual improvements to its navigation mode: Besides supporting both portrait and landscape mode the information shown is grouped logically on the N9/N950, making it easier to read while giving you more information at the same time. The two toolbar icons are handy shortcuts to quickly mute voice navigation and toggle offline mode.

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  1. Absolutely stunning work! The whole interface is using Qml Components? The “native” harmattans ones or some KDE specific?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I guess this could be ported to Android too as soon as the buildchain is a bit more stable – or did you implement some things dependent on the underlying system? (audio system, …)

  2. Both Plasma Active (using the QML Plasma Components) and Android (using some Qt Components port) are interesting targets I’d like to work on next. Plasma Active is rather easy, we played with that already. Unfortunately I lack a device for it. Things are a bit different for Android: I do have a perfect device for development, but the porting will be more work. Marble was already ported to Android as a proof of concept, the hard part will likely be porting Qt Components to Android. Maybe helps.

  3. I’m fighting with the Ovi Store currently to get it published there. I expect it to show up there in 2-3 weeks.

    To install from shentey’s home project, follow

    In short, open a root terminal on the N9/N950 (devel-su, password rootme on the N950) and create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/marble-shentey.list with the content (one line)

    deb ./

    Save and run
    apt-get update
    apt-get install marble

  4. wow, looks like it didn’t take 2-3 weeks – it is available in the ovi store already. downloading… installing it right now. will try it out as soon as possible 🙂

  5. a few questions 🙂

    1. in the weather mode, chosen map doesn’t seem to be used and volume zoom controls don’t work. is that a known issue ?

    2. is there any way to use osm vector data at this time ?

  6. The map you choose in the preferences is currently not used in the Weather activity. The zoom controls work for it, but the maximum zoom is quite limited for that map theme. I guess it’s best when I change the map theme for the weather activity in the next version.

    The plugin that makes it possible to open .osm files is not shipped with Marble Touch currently. You can play with it in the Marble desktop version, but it’s not ready for end-users really (opening small .osm files works fine, but larger ones not and the rendering needs improvements).

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