Sisyphus Work

The OpenStreetMap database keeps growing nicely. Missing regions are added, details completed and changes to the environment reflected by the very active mapping community.

When using the data — by opening or using applications like Marble — you want to use the latest data that is available. For Marble, this includes the monav offline routing data and the offline search databases. Until the end of last year these two data types were updated by me running a couple of scripts manually, downloading a few dozen gigabyte of raw data and transforming it to the right formats, then uploading the final data (around 12 GB).

Doing things manually is tedious and time consuming, so I ended up regenerating the data rather infrequently (say 2-3 times a year). That wasn’t quite the frequency I’d like to have, so at the end of last year instead of doing another manual round I invested the time (and more, of course) to automate the process. Sisyphus was born and after solving the usual initial quirks it is now converting fresh OpenStreetMap offline data for Marble 24/7 since the start of this year. Thanks to Geofabrik for providing the .pbf data sources and Ben Cooksley helping to setup the KDE servers as needed.

A full roundtrip (converting all regions worldwide) takes 7-8 days currently, so you have the option of updating your offline data quite often now…

In Marble on the Desktop: Routing tab => Configure => Monav
In Marble on the Nokia N900: Main menu => Routing => Configure => Monav
In Marble on the Nokia N9/N950: Preferences => Offline Data