Last month we had the second Marble developer sprint in Prague. Among the things we discussed were necessary updates to our website — needed a refreshing of its content and look. We decided to change the URL as well to avoid that potential users pigeonhole Marble as an educational tool: While an important part, other aspects like the OpenStreetMap integration, routing, the mobile versions as well as the whole functionality of an embeddable widget are better categorized differently and address several other user groups. The new website is now available at

Besides having a modern look, the new website integrates a lot of new content, for example information on the current KML support and a nice tool to generate .kml files from OpenStreetMap data.

Give it a try at!

3 Replies to “Introducing”

  1. I like marble but it’s reliance on KML instead of GPX for the gps tracks is not helpful for improving OpenStreetMap the main street map that marble uses(very important for navigation). I like to help contribute back to OpenStreetMap and that project uses GPX files, marble only exports to kml(while it can open gpx files). I tried converting the kml to gpx and use it for OSM but it failed, because the KML file didn’t have time associated with each node in the track(this is also useful for geotagging pictures). Having the time with each node is important for getting speed data, geotagging pictures and uploading gpx tracks to OSM. The thing is I like the interface for creating tracks, and Marble is a great powerful yet lightweight map application. I would love to be able to use it to improve the maps it uses. I know vector OSM is in the works and I am looking forward to that. The devs have come a long way since it’s beginning and I thank them for that. This new website looks great also, the web devs / designers really did a good job.

  2. @Markus: Fixed, thanks.

    @redsteakraw: Timestamps are saved as well in current master. That will be available in the next stable release (1.5.0, KDE 4.10.0). Conversion to .gpx from that works when using , gpsbabel unfortunately does not read gx:Track at the moment. I expect to have a direct .gpx track saving in Marble in version 1.6.0.

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