New stable release Marble 1.6!

Together with the 4.11 Release of KDE Applications a new stable Marble version 1.6 has been released. It surely is the greatest Marble release to date. Arguably each new release of a software should be the greatest so far, yet Marble 1.6 introduces an extraordinary amount of awesomeness. Below is a teaser image highlighting some of the new features. Make sure to check out our visual changelog which mentions even more new stuff and embeds some nice videos. Enjoy 🙂

New features in Marble 1.6



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  1. Thanks for a new better release 🙂
    However, I must say that Marble would get a lot of good out of some usability studies. There are many things are are hard to figure out how to do/find/get out of.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try it out!

    Just one small comment related to the tabs, and I think it might be a kdelibs issue rather than a Marble issue as I have seen the same thing in Calligra:

    Each toolbox has a title/heading. When the toolbars are docked with another toolbar they gain tabs, which also have a title (so there are two of the same titles, right near each other, for example the “Map View” and “Location” tabs in your screenshot).

    Is there a way to only show the inner title when the toolbox is docked by itself (ie. when there are no tabs visible)? Then when it is docked into a tabbed layout the title would only be visible on the tab (and maybe the “x” for closing/hiding could be moved to the tab bar as in Konqueror – I’m not sure the other button for “floating” the toolbox is even helpful). Apart from avoiding the visual duplication this would also give more room for the content of the toolbox.

  3. @Pascal: I believe the developers could consider your usability concerns more with concrete examples. Hope you can provide some.

    PS.: I rarely see such a hard captcha than on this page. 😉

  4. @Pascal: I’m not sure, but if you lock them (right click and … lock them somehow, I’m sure you’ll figure it out…), it should disappear. Again, I’m not sure, though.

  5. Just curious about something. Looking at your screenshot up there I wonder how much cross pollination is there between marble and kstars? I’ve only played around with both but it seems to me the two concepts could be merged into one. Dunno, just have this undefined thought floating around in the noggin the two together in some fashion might be a new direction worth looking at.

  6. Out of curiosity, was OpenStreetMap vector mode included in this new release? I followed briefly the progress in 2012 GSOC about it, but after that I didn’t hear any news about the actual inclusion of this feature…

  7. @Pascal: Can you please provide examples of features that were hard to discover? Ideally also how you figured things out finally (trials, documentation, asking someone, …). Without that information it’s hard to improve something like Laszlo said.

    @os: Good point. It’s plain Qt (QDockWidget), so not a kdelibs issue. I filed to track it, IIRC the titles are widgets that can be configured, so we might be able to do something about it.

    @Laszlo: Re the captcha, sorry to hear. I switched to a different plugin now which asks for some math problem to solve, seems easier.

    @Taurnil: We noticed that slight overlapping as well the more we go into the “space” direction. Might be worth talking about some collaboration possibilities.

    @Matteo: Yes, the feature is included. You can open .osm files (that’s possible for quite some time now) and also use a vector tiling server. The vector tiling server that was used during the GSoC project is a private one however so we couldn’t ship the map theme which was used during the GSoC project. In other words there’s currently no easy way to give it a try. We’re still looking for an alternative server. Some recent activity on the topic can be found in

  8. I tried the vector rendering with a downloaded osm map, and it looks pretty good. It was a little bit slow on my old laptop though, and text was a bit too small, making it hard to read. I guess the scale (feature size) should be adjustable, because people have displays with different resolutions. Anyway, I’m looking forward to this feature because I don’t think the current openstreetmap looks so good in Marble, mainly because it scales up the map tiles making them blurry.

    Thanks for all the effort!

  9. @Dennis: thank you for your reply, I managed to try to open .osm files and it sure looks promising, let’s hope that by the next release we’ll have a vector tiles server then! 🙂

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