Watch a HD live stream from space

The NASA is currently providing a high-quality live stream from cameras mounted at the International Space Station (ISS). Watch it directly in your browser to see stunning pictures like this:

Image from the ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

The site also tracks the current location of the ISS overlayed on Google maps. If you’re looking for an alternative location tracking that gives you more control, give Marble a try: Aside from getting the current position and orbit you can view it in globe projection for a more intuitive display, and shift time back and forth as you like with the position and orbit updated accordingly.

Marble showing the current  position and orbit of ISS.
Marble showing the current position and orbit of ISS.

To get that view in Marble, activate Satellites in the View / Online Services menu. Click on the ISS in the map (search for it if you don’t spot it immediately) and select Display orbit in the menu coming up.

You can use View / Time Control to shift back and forth in time. You might also want to change the satellites being displayed, the screenshot above uses the Space Stations set available from Settings / Configure Marble / Plugins / Satellites.


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