Marble 1.8.3 Installer for Windows

Today I took some time aside to update the slightly outdated Marble installer for Windows. It now covers the latest stable release Marble 1.8.3. Before pushing it to our Installation website I’d like some quick feedback from other Windows users willing to give it a try: Does Marble run fine on your system after installing it? The installer also associates .kml and .gpx files with Marble such that you can open them directly from e.g. Windows Explorer. Download the installer here: marble-setup-1.8.3.exe.

Quick ad intervention: If you like this please donate for the KDE Randa sprint. I’d like to meet with fellow Marble developers to discuss future development. Thanks 🙂

Marble 1.8.3 running on Windows 7

Since I don’t plan to step up as a maintainer for our Windows installer it would be great if someone else interested in Windows packages could look into some possible improvements. Compiling against quazip would result in .kmz support. Also the installer ain’t the most pretty nor smart thing in the universe yet; forcing an uninstall of older Marble versions before the installation would be a good start. Since it is based on NSIS improvements shouldn’t be too hard to implement. Interested? It’s quite painless to set things up:

  • Install some compiler, the free MSVC express editions suffice (I used MSVC 2010 Express)
  • Install Qt, the binary Windows packages are fine (I used 4.8.6 for VS 2010).
  • Clone the Marble repository (msysgit is your friend)
  • Install cmake (I used
  • Have cmake generate a MSVC solution for you:
  • Open the generated marble.sln. Inside MSVC open the configuration manager and switch from Debug to Release. Compile. Also build the INSTALL target.
  • Install NSIS. Open src/marble.nsi in some sane text editor and change the srcdir variable to your export folder. Use the NSIS compiler to generate marble-setup.exe from src/marble.nsi.

4 Replies to “Marble 1.8.3 Installer for Windows”

  1. Slightly off topic: What happened to vector OSM rendering?
    Wasn’t a GSOC on this completed years ago?

  2. It’s available in the stable version. There is no server though providing suitable data, so you cannot really use it.

  3. Mhh.. installer 1.8.3 complains that it misses QtCore4.dll. Actually all Qt dll’s seem missing. When installing 1.8.3 over 1.5.0 it complains about missing procedures in QtCore4.dll.

  4. Hello Dennis, it seems that there are several DLLs missing in the test installer package you have linked here:
    next to certain qt*.dll also libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll and mingwm10.dll are missing.

    So I would kindly recommend to test your installer on a blank fresh installed Windows system to see what is missing.

    Thanks in advance, Stephan.

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