Marble 1.11.3 for Windows

In the last months I did not have any system running Windows and therefore could not create new Marble Windows packages. My new T450s however came with a preinstalled Windows 7, so that problem is gone. If you are running Windows, please give the new packages a try:

Please leave a comment whether they work for you. I’ll add the download links to in that case. Compared to the last Windows packages (Marble 1.9.1) there’s an upgrade to Qt 5.5 inside and several new features in Marble itself, e.g. improved support for tours and map editing (the treasure map in the screenshot was done with that) as well as a couple of new map projections.


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  1. Hello Dennis, after installing version 1.11.3, Marble complains about a missing Qt5WebChannel.dll

    What is the easiest way to get that file on a quite normal Windows system?

  2. Hello,

    it doesn’t work, I received this message:

    “Impossible de démarrer le programme car il manque Qt5WebChannel.dll sur votre ordinateur. Essayez de réinstaller le programme pour corriger ce problème.”

    Best Regards.

  3. Thanks for reporting. The dependency seems new in Qt 5.5. I added it and uploaded fixed installers. Can you try them again? The URL is the same.

  4. Hello Dennis.
    We use Marble 1.5 under Windows XP SP3 32bit. We’ve tried to update to v1.9.1 and could not open the new version, QT was no executable 32 bit version. We got your download link and tried again with the new installer. Now we got the message, that marblewidget.dll caused a problem….
    Best wishes Ingo

  5. Hi Ingo, is there a difference if you deinstall the old version(s) before, or manually clean any old files from the installation directory?

  6. hello,

    I can start marble, but the zoom doesn’t work very well.

    I can not zoom until the end (Openstreetmap). In other words, I can not have all the detail.

    Best regards.

  7. Hi denebe, is it really bad (just showing the continents and no details)? That could happen if it fails to setup the user path (where downloaded images are stored) correctly. Some people reported that before and I couldn’t reproduce the problem on my machines so far :-/

  8. Hello Dennis,
    I’ve tried the new installer with my Windows XP 32 bit SP3 again and got the same error message after starting the programm with marble-qt.exe via double-click… qt5 is no 32 bit Windows applikation… However I returned to v1.5 and marble worked.
    Best regards

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