Marble 1.14.1 for Windows

I’m happy to announce a new stable version of Marble for Windows. Your favorite Virtual Globe comes with a shiny new installer with several improvements compared to the old NSIS based one: It’s smaller in size, allows control over which file extensions to associate and will do cleaner upgrades in the future.


Marble 1.14.1 Windows Installer
Marble 1.14.1 Windows Installer

Some features that were only available in Linux so far are now part of the Windows version. Among them is support for opening .kmz (compressed .kml) files and support for installing additional maps from within Marble. Please give it a try to explore some of the many great maps we cannot ship with the installer for space reasons.

Marble 1.14.1 on Windows 7
Marble 1.14.1 on Windows 7

We also included a preview version of the Vector OSM map which you can use to get a glimpse of the current big new development in Marble. Check out San Francisco or New York on street level to see it in action! Improving that map theme is the main focus of our small Marble team here at Randa, where we look into extending the coverage of vector tiles to the whole world while improving performance at the same time. We hope to get this ready for the first Android release of Marble Maps in September, stay tuned!

7 Replies to “Marble 1.14.1 for Windows”

  1. Cool, and thank you for your work on Marble.
    I made a short test and found this Problems:
    – File -> Download Map (Datei -> Karte herunterladen…) is empty.
    – Edit -> Record Movie leads to a “Codecs not found” warning

    You should update the “Install” site on the Marble homepage:

  2. Hello Dennis, many thanks for all your efforts!!

    When starting this installed Marble version on a quite young Windows10, I get an error box about missing MSVCR120.dll …

    Does that library need to be bundled with your installer?

  3. I only get a really bad Picture of the Globe. Get no errors.
    (I’m behind a restrictive proxy which only allow Port: 80 and 443)

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