New Alpha Version of Marble Maps for Android

We have a new alpha release of Marble Maps in the Google Play store! It is available to registered alpha testers. We would like to gather feedback on the new turn-by-turn navigation mode before releasing a new public beta version in two weeks. See our release schedule for more details.

Sanjiban and me worked a lot on polishing the turn-by-turn navigation mode lately. It can be activated after calculating a route. During turn-by-turn navigation the map follows your current position and upcoming turns are announced using text-to-speech.



In order to test the new release, please follow these steps:

  • Become an alpha tester by joining this Google+ community and then registering here.
  • (Be prepared to wait a couple of minutes if the next step does not work immediately)
  • Follow the link to the Google Play store from the website above to install the alpha version

Please leave feedback in IRC, our mailing list, our forum or Bugzilla, whatever you find easiest. Links to each are here. Thanks for your help!

PS: You won’t get the pretty vector rendering seen in the screenshot above at startup, because in the alpha version OSM bitmap tiles are enabled by default. Please ask in our IRC channel how to activate vector tiles if you’re interested. More details on vector tiles will follow in a couple of days in a separate blog entry.

9 Replies to “New Alpha Version of Marble Maps for Android”

  1. For me it doesn’t load on Android N Dev Preview 4. Neither on my Nexus 6P nor on my Pixel C tablet. It only shows a greyblue empty screen with the searchfield at the top (which is looking strange because of rendering issues), the positioning button shows 9000km and at the bottom left theres the information about openstreetmap. Zooming and panning works although pretty laggy. But nothing shows on the map 🙁 I guess issues with Android N?
    The API of N is already final so I guess this will be also an issue with the final release coming out soon

  2. @mcorteel: Thanks. We plan to join f-droid together with other KDE Android applications.

    @Bernhard: Interesting. I’m upgrading my build toolchain to the latest SDK/NDK and see if that makes a difference. I don’t have a device running Android N currently to test with, but I’ll upload the updated app anyway if it works locally.
    If you happen to have adb running on your system and could connect to one of your devices using ‘adb logcat’, I’d be interested in any Marble related errors/warnings that are shown when trying to open the app.

  3. @Bernhard: Just uploaded a new version using the latest Android SDK and NDK. Please give it a try, it should appear as an update in a few hours once Google finishes processing it.

  4. @Bernhard: Another potential solution (workaround) in case you had an earlier Marble Maps version installed before: Please go to the Android Settings, select Apps, select Marble Maps, and delete the cache data. Seems we are running into some issues with upgrades.

  5. @Dennis: according to Play Store I got the latest update (0.3), I cleared the cache and data. Still the same issues 🙁 No tiles and rendering issues in the search field.

  6. Is this written using qtcreator or android studio?
    Is it going to be available on ubuntu touch?

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