Marble Maps 1.0 has been released

It’s finally done! I’m happy to tell you that Marble Maps version 1.0 has just landed in the Google Play Store (update: direct APK here if you are not using Google Play). We hope you like it as much as we do 🙂

Many thanks to all contributors who made this possible. Thanks to a multitude of performance improvements all over the place, vector rendering has become very fast. And thanks to the ever-improving vector tile creation toolchain we are able to provide a lot more data than I anticipated some weeks ago. For the first version there are Germany and 200 cities world-wide in full detail, as well as most European countries and the USA in high detail (up to tile level 13 or 15). For the rest of the world we provide medium detail at least (up to tile level 9). The plan, of course, is to provide full vector data for the whole world in the near future.




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  1. Awesome! Any chance for a F-Droid release soon? Or a downloadable apk in the meatime?

    Thanks for your work, looking forward to use the app!

  2. Lol, I kew I wasn’t probably going to be the unique to wonder why a 100% free software poject wasn’t available in the principal FLOSS repo for Android. xD
    Ok, let’s hope people who have Google free mobiles can test MArble soon from F-droid. It seems you have done a great job; I can’t wait to try it! 😀

  3. First impressions on a samsung s6 edge: UI is not very responsive which results in zooming too far in/out and for 200ms thinking that the phone doesn’t detect your touch when moving around in the map.
    I like the detail level in the map. Although I wonder about the focus on hospitals over train/metro stations when zooming out.
    It’s strange to not being able to pinch zoom into a place (it always zooms to the center of the screen.)
    my neighborhood is covered in ≠ characters where there is access for the residents’ to access the buildings common yard.

  4. Hi there, thanks for the nice feedback everyone.

    @nidi, Aksem, Natalia: Please use to get the APK directly. Any help with doing a f-droid version is appreciated. Building Marble for Android is not hard, see, but I’m not sure how to use Qt in a f-droid build script.

    @Paolo: Friedrich is working on a Sailfish version and will be glad to hear you’re interested 🙂

    @Pascal: Good points. Other places than hospitals will appear in level 15 in the future, stations among them. I’d also like to see more highlights on important roads there (e.g. using road shields for motorways).
    I can confirm the pinch behavior. Also found the missing part in the code, should be fixed in the next update.
    Would you expect the ≠ barrier symbols to be smaller, or not to be shown at all?

  5. Hi, good work!
    however i think this app is not yet ready, for a casual user (of course every kde enthusiast like me is happy to try it and give it more chance).

    – the biggest problem is the first time loading. I see my position in the map, but i cannot figure out if i’ve zoomed too much, or i’m in the middle in the ocean.
    All that i could see is a light-blue background.

    – even when the map is loaded, i continue to see a light-blue background until i zoom out and than zoom in.

    – the performance in Nexus 5 is very bad, not only on first load.

    – there’s no settings option button, it would be nice to remove some layer to improve performance.

  6. … crashes everytime. It starts and as sson as a map image cames up, marble closes!!!

    Early betas didn’t have this problem.

    Hope it gets fixed because it a pretty good piece of software!!! 😀

  7. @Ulver: We’ll improve the UI to give a hint about areas where we don’t have data yet. Additional data will arrive soon, but it’ll take some weeks at least until we are able to provide data for the whole work and the out-of-data situation can happen any time of course (e.g. when there is no network connection in some area you never visited before).

    @Maverick: Do you get an option to send a crash report? Please do, that’s extremely helpful for us to track down what’s going on.

  8. Wonderful news! Our handsets closer each day to live in real Linux echosystem . Lets hope Plasma Mobile is ready for production use soon. In the mean time having traditional Linux apps on Android is gorgeous. 😀

    Ok, I have tested Marble on Android and I have to agree with the slowliness reports (octacore Qualcomm processor here). Also, I think hotels, pharmacies, cafeterías, etc, icons are huge, almost one cm each on my 5″ screen. Besides, there’s no menu to configure stuff, like in Osmand, or in general every Android app. I understand this is ver. 1.0, so I hope these issues shall be solved soon, but I’d like to suggest a couple of other things:
    1. Could it be that Marble could use offline maps we could download at home? Osmand works like this by default, and it saves a lot ofobile data.
    2. You plan to add public transport support? Most of the time people moves by metro or bus in the cities, and public transport info is usually freely available. You might have a look to Ametro, an open source app (still at a very early state and more centered in russian, especially Moscow, metros, but having a look at it might be interesting: )
    Btw, kudos for having Konqi in the search drop dow menú! 😍

    Oh, a last one: have you thought in put some donation button (preferably Flattr or some other non PayPal one) on the projevt’s site or even in-app?


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